Tuesday, March 19, 2013

USDA Economic Research Service is Hiring Economists

USDA's Economic Research Service seeks Agricultural Economists. See the notice at http://t.co/eWUT0befT5. Positions close on April 5.

Economics students may be interested in internships with USDA - details are at the same link above.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Archives of Scientific Psychology

The Archives of Scientific Psychology is a new journal from the American Psychological Association. Because the journal's scope will be all of psychology, it could be an excellent destination for UMN researchers in all areas of psychology. The Archives will differ from other journals by combining a number of elements not typically found all together. Namely, articles will

  • be open access
  • meet the Journal Article Reporting Standard
  • provide access to the data related to the article
  • have both a technical and non-technical abstract and methods section
  • have linked to the article the peer review comments and author responses
The Archives does use an author-pays model (scroll down to Open Access Fee Schedule), but the University Libraries are also providing a pilot service to cover these fees.  If this journal looks like a good match for your needs, apply for funding from the Libraries.